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January 04, 2010

Fashion Runway | Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2007

Fashion Runway 
Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2007

The Music Of Balenciaga Shows
I thought there could be an archive with Balenciaga music, they have really amazing soundtracks every season 

Spring/Summer 2001
Erotic Pain - AtWil
Pressin On - Foremost Poets
Bleep To Bleep - The Micronauts
Ouragan - Stephanie de Monaco

Spring/Summer 2003
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb 

Fall/Winter 2005
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing in My House 

Spring/Summer 2006
George Demure - New Confrontation 
Soulwax - E Talking 
Vitalic - Repair Machines 

Fall/Winter 2006
Michael Nyman - Vermeer's Wife
Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights
Zongamin - Bongo Song

Spring/Summer 2007
Cut Chemist - (My 1st) Big Break
Cut Chemist - Metrorail Thru Space

Fall/Winter 2007
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Klaxons - Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Block Party - The Prayer

Spring/Summer 2008
Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in G
Jean-Joseph Cassanea de Mondoville - Air Pour Les Espirits Du Feu
Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto No. 2 Summer
Chemical Brothers - Burst Generator

Fall/Winter 2008
Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures
Joe and Will Ask? - Monster
Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Junior Sanchez Strobe Light Honey Mix)

Spring/Summer 2009
Monkey - Heavenly Peach Banquet
Björk - Hunter
Metronomy - Holiday
Midnight Juggernauts - Ending Of An Era

Fall/Winter 2009
Serge Gainsbourg - Jane Dans La Nuit 
Serge Gainsbourg - Avant de Mourir
Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody

Spring/Summer 2010
Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (F*ck Buttons remix)

Fall/Winter 2010
Koudlam - See You All
The Bloody Beetroots - Storm
Röyksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Davide Rossi Suite for a Robotic Girl Re-Interpretation)


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