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September 03, 2014

The Style Bloggers | No. 16: Gabrielle Paris

 Un mini abito in tessuto di lana leggera color bianco (off-white)


I have had this vintage Jacques Tiffeau for Saks Fifth Avenue cream A-line wool dress for a few years. It was just hanging in my closet because I never found the right way to wear it. I had it shortened a couple of years ago – it was over the knee and looked a bit too serious. And it’s wool so it’s really a winter dress. But somehow, after the purchase of my Celine wedges it all came together and I endured the slight wool itch for a day. It’s actually quite breezy.

The leather pouch has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I have pictures of myself, when I was barely walking, wearing overalls, laced leather Kickers and a tiny t-shirt, rocking a boy’s haircut, and that little pouch. I think I might have put coins in it. It says Gabrielle Paris embossed on the front. I believe my parent bought it for me on one of their Paris trips. They must have been in their mid-twenties then. They will probably be really surprised when they see I’ve held on to this baby souvenir for so long….

The cardigan is designed my friend Risto Bimbiloski. I think this is one of his best pieces! It’s hand-knit by one of his relatives or lady friends in Macedonia. I love the toggle closures and copper metallic trim. It’s a good dresser-downer cardigan.

I don’t remember where I bought the 70’s sunglasses. I love the shape and neutral color.

As a finishing touch I put a Hermes ribbon in my hair. I thought it was cute and the brown and cream were represented in the rest of the outfit.

Essie “lapis of luxury” manicure. OPI “need sunglasses” pedicure.

Photos by Aram Bedrossian. by tales of endearment

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