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December 12, 2016

Holiday Decorating & Entertaining Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Day. Daily Inspiration

Christmas Tree {This is Glamorous}

Gorgeous Glam Christmas Tree @frenchcountrycottage da {This is Glamorous} 

Beautiful Wedding Dress Details

Beautiful Wedding Dress Details - Wedding_Okuprin 

the perfect holiday drink

The perfect holiday drink : Salted Caramel White Russians.

The recipe below makes one cocktail, so double for two.

Salted caramel sauce
Salt flakes
25ml (one shot) Salted Caramel Irish Cream
25ml Amaretto
75ml (3 shots) of half and half (milk and cream)

Take the caramel sauce and use a teaspoon to slightly drizzle it in the glass, while slowly turning the glass so you get a nice swirled effect.
Fill the glass with ice.
Next, add your liquid ingredients to your cocktail shaker, along with a few cubes of ice. Shake well and strain in to the glasses. Garnish with a spring of rosemary, a bit of chocolate or even a candy cane! Perfection. (Recipe Kate la Vie image Jacquelyn Clark)

how to make DIY candles

Questo tutorial mostra come fare le candele step-by-step. Un semplice e grazioso regalo homemade per le prossime feste natalizie... - How to Make DIY Candles in the Slow Cooker

blush and ivory bouquet of peonies

This incredible blush and ivory bouquet of peonies....

holiday christmas

FA LA LA LA LA Mug : Una mug festosa da acquistare su Etsy per sorseggiare al mattino appena sveglie un tè o un caffè all'americana... (altri simili oggetti da Stephanie Sterjovski)

Daily Inspiration
Holiday Decorating and Entertaining Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Day
🌸🌸 with love, Stefania

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