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May 26, 2015

Decor Inspiration Private Gardens of Paris

( A convent of 18th-century Saint Germain nuns  built several private mansions to host the daughters of France's aristocracy.) 

E' come passeggiare in giardini privati di Parigi...  xStefania

Blooming roses climb the back of the house owned by Baron and Baronne d'Orgeval. 

An oval fountain ... 

Fashion designer Renata wanted "a house with a garden, both as a place to live with her family and as a location for a workshop" ...

Considered to be one of Paris's more exotic gardens |  architect Paul Nataf / the landscape designer Michel Boulcou 

Private Gardens of Paris 
Alexandra D'Arnoux (Author), Bruno De Laubadere (Author), Gilles De Chabaneix (Photographer)

The book is divided by three themes: Classical Gardens, Picturesque Gardens, and Exotic Gardens. Each garden is special in its own right, yet a quintessential Parisian thread runs through: rose bushes, iron fencing and furniture, and brick can found in nearly all 34 gardens highlighted in the book. Read on for a glimpse of the Private Gardens of Paris.

Private Gardens of Paris is available on Amazon, and in book stores.

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