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September 05, 2016

Interiors : Beautiful renovated old Queenslander

kitchen with wood floors and marble counters

kitchen | photo maree homer

grey hand-glazed spanish tiles |

wood floor, picture windows and stunning kitchen

library australian house

white queenslander

veranda | white queenslander

sisal rug | white queenslander

interiors | white queenslander

Pietra marble floor tiles in the bathroom

Beautiful renovated old Queenslander

Beautiful renovated old Queenslander

Una casa *Queenslander ristrutturata in stile Hamptons ... 
elegante, classica e piena di luce. 

Ridisegnata da Trebilcock and Associates Architects, via homes to love

*Queenslander architecture is a modern term for the vernacular type of architecture of Queensland, Australia. It is also found in the northern parts of the adjacent state of New South Wales and shares many traits with architecture in other states of Australia but is distinct and unique.

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