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maggio 31, 2019

Weekend {FΓ«dor Dostoevskij} & Perfect inspiration to end the Week.

1ma la vita più ο½„ο½…ο½Œο½Œο½ sua ο½Œο½ο½‡ο½‰ο½ƒο½,
ο½“ο½ο½Œο½ ο½ο½Œο½Œο½ο½’ο½ ο½Žο½… capirai ο½‰ο½Œ ο½“ο½…ο½Žο½“ο½.

(Fëdor οΌ€ο½ο½“ο½”ο½ο½…ο½–ο½“ο½‹ο½‰ο½Š)








@seemyparis + la prima immagine @blaireadiebee

𝒲𝑒𝑒𝓀𝑒𝓃𝒹 πΉπ’Άπ“‹π‘œπ“‡π’Ύπ“‰π‘’π“ˆ : 𝒫𝑒𝓇𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉 πΌπ“ƒπ“ˆπ“…π’Ύπ“‡π’Άπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ π“‰π‘œ 𝐸𝓃𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒲𝑒𝑒𝓀 (𝒰𝓃𝒢 π’Έπ‘œπ“π“π‘’π“π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒπ‘’ 𝒹𝒾 𝒾𝓂𝓂𝒢𝑔𝒾𝓃𝒾 π“…π’Ύπ’Άπ’Έπ‘’π“‹π‘œπ“π’Ύ 𝑒 π’Άπ’»π’»π’Άπ“ˆπ’Έπ’Ύπ“ƒπ’Άπ“ƒπ“‰π’Ύ 𝓅𝑒𝓇 𝒾𝓁 π“Œπ‘’π‘’π“€π‘’π“ƒπ’Ή!

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